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I just learned about this project called “Six Songs of Me” hosted by The Guardian (see my six songs here). It sounds brilliant, although I admit near-total ignorance as to the master plan. It could just be to achieve a more prefect target-advertising. If Ace of Base starts showing up amongst my Amazon recommendations, I guess we’ll know why.

Anyway, it reminded me that, three years ago, before my husband and I moved across the country, before we had kids, I wrote this:

I’d like to be a better spiritual consumer. I know consumer is now a bad word (and, in the traditional sense, I’m down with that) but let’s reclaim it for the moment.

The thing is, an hair-prickling piece of music, a poignant yet wryly humorous book or movie, a place of indescribable beauty… they all give a falling in love kind of thrill, that mind-heart-soul opening up feeling where for a time they grow to define me, become part of what I need to live on. And most of the time, there has been a constant string of discoveries, each new gem appearing just in time to anchor an emerging corner of my understanding of this world.

Lately, however, I am now more what you’d call a spiritual masturbator (reel in your little mind and let’s continue). I keep returning to the things I know push my buttons and yes, my favorite creations do obligingly spark my imagination again and again and again, but notice this — each time I regress back to the moment in my life when that poem or painting first started to matter to me. Rarely, it seems, does any one song encapsulate more than one vital memory, so as it stands, I am not creating as many new memories, at least not the sort affixed with artistic thumbtacks.

I core-of-my-being love an evening spent with the Daniel Quinn books I long ago memorized as I eat Pad Thai and salmon avocado sushi and listen to the Tribalistas songs I can sing along with *despite* knowing no Portuguese. But what I should really be doing is finding more, don’t you think?

So here’s where you come in — what delights have you encountered lately? If you have the time, I’d love to have not only your recommendation but also the why, and the where, and the howfortowhich.

I reread it, and although it feels so alien to my life now, I completely remember. I felt stagnant. Mildly bored. Finished with higher education for the foreseeable future, recently married, and waiting around for our designated moving date only a month or so later.

Now I know — it was the calm before the storm. The sort of having-your-shit-together time that makes you do something crazy… like move across the country and, a few months after that, decide you are “ready” to procreate.

And another thing; thumbtacks are easily updated. You just have to add them to your birth playlist.


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