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Part of deciding to make time to write apparently means going back and rereading old things. Who am I kidding? It’s a mainly just a great way to post without having to have time to write. I’m not ashamed — this way I get to work on all the peripheral stuff, like formatting and widgets. Plus, it’s pretty neat to read about our daughter when she was a baby the same age as our little son is now.

I am a recent survivor of a three and a half hour period during which Owlet’s silence was only bought with painfully brief nursing sessions. Thor was at work, which means my arms and back may never hold a balloon again, let alone a 10 lb, 8 oz screaming tomato. I didn’t put in earplugs, call Thor and demand he return home, or walk over to the neighbors, hand her over, and say “No take-backsies.” But I think all of those things would have happened at three and three-quarters hours.

And now? I smile fondly at my sleeping imp of a daughter, almost wanting her to wake up so we can hang, maybe watch the yellow cichlids chase one another, or pull ourselves up to standing using only our little fists of fury, or snuggle down together for a little snack. Completely forgotten. I don’t even feel the need to elicit sympathy from Thor when he gets home.

There seems to be a cloud of amnesia around this baby of mine. Right from birth — all those contractions fading away in her scrawny chicken legs and ethereal shining eyes. Within days, I couldn’t even remember what it was like to be pregnant. To feel her plucky little feet searching out my ribs. Unable to fit against my cello properly. When exiting the bed required serious strategics. I remember the third-person story, but not the first person essence.

Perhaps it is just my memory fizzling. For instance, all evening I keep forgetting to get the diapers out of the dryer, and instead either use one of the way too big ones from the bottom drawer or walk out and pull a single diaper out of the dryer, depending on whether or not I’ve already removed her dirty diaper when I (re)realize the situation. During which time, her feet become covered in… ok, I guess I do still remember certain moments after all.

Talk about amnesia! I don’t remember Owlet ever screaming for three and a half hours. Surely I was mistaken? Of course, this time around I am taking nursing on demand to a higher level… With Owlet we kept trying other things — diaper change? bouncing? walks outside? music? dangling upside down by her ankles? — whenever we were “sure” she wasn’t hungry because she’d just nursed moments before. Now I know what every lazy mom knows — nursing is the easiest, fastest way to a happy baby. I actually have no idea how frequently Platypup feeds, although I suspect it averages out to be every 10-15 min whenever he is awake — however, I choose to believe that his stellar nighttime sleeping skills are my reward for this endless daytime milking session.

I do remember both being pregnant and giving birth much better than I did the first time. I am no better at laundry… but thankfully Thor is.

Also, what is this 10 lbs, 8 oz business? Was Owlet really so small? I remember her being at least above average on the growth charts. But at the same exact age, Platypup was already 13.5 1lbs. It’s official. We’re raising a giant.

(p.s. I’ve decided to protect my future middle schoolers’ tender feelings by nicknaming them. My two-year-old daughter shall be known as Owlet for her big eyes, wise ways, and love of her new stuffed owl from my dad. My two-and-a-half-month-old son is dubbed Platypup, because platypuses are not just cute but frickin hilarious and so is he — plus, I found out that most charts of baby animal names list the offspring of the platypus as “puggles,” but then was informed by a reputable-looking website that there is, in fact, no official name for the baby platypus. That same site said many choose to call them “platypups” instead. So there you go.

p.p.s. I am not married to the God of Thunder, but I suggested the name off the top of my head and got what can only be described as lukewarm approval. So it stuck.)


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