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attempting to spin cacophony into sanity

Hello? (hello… hello…)

So. It seems Facebook is less than ideal. At least, for those of you who wish to know when I’ve posted.

It appears Thor never was notified that I’d posted something absurdly cute for our anniversary. (In case you missed it also, click here. Actually, go to the main page and check to see what else you’ve missed!)

However, it was good timing. We celebrated our anniversary tonight — we’d intended to do so on Saturday, but due to colds and fussy babies this was the first night where there was an actual gap between the final child going to sleep and me turning into a pumpkin — anyway, we were enjoying our wine and cheese and chocolate and having a conversation the likes of which we never manage to have whilst the little ones are awake. That’s when I found out he hadn’t read it and, well, sort of ordered him to do so. It was great. He laughed at all the right places, commented on how little Owlet looked on her stump chair just six months or so ago, and at the end, said, “we used to vacuum the couch!” in an incredulous voice.

So if you happen to see this one, would you “like” it on Facebook? Might up the percentage of people who see what they’ve already said they’d like to see, for crying out loud. Merci.


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