Word Winding

attempting to spin cacophony into sanity

One-Month Bloggiversary

So! I’ve been writing here for a month now. It’s kind of amazing the difference it has made in my daily life. A blissfully peaceful space has opened up in and amongst the kid noise, lesson-planning, intentions of house-cleaning, and distracted thoughts all darting hither and thither inside my frazzled mind. I come here and connect the dots, mirror the beautiful and not-so-pretty vignettes of life, pull out my soapbox, or just tell you about my newest favorite things. And you are listening! I am so touched that people I don’t know in real life are hopping on board with what I’m writing. (I sure do wish Facebook didn’t take it upon themselves to decide whether these who have said they “like” Word Winding actually want to read the posts, but that’s more than outweighed by it bringing you all here.)

I am thrilled that this vastly more brain-active time-waster has replaced a fair quantity of Facebook, email, and miscellaneous article reading, all of which are rather passive when compared with writing. I can tell my mood is better after writing than when I am sucked into the above activities. Because of it, I am more engagingly playful with Owlet and Platypup when I’m done. I even do more chores, to Thor’s delight — we totally made a chart dividing chores and dinner-making nights equally, and we’re actually sticking to it so far. It’s also a way to communicate something of my life to friends and family who are far away.

This is a much-needed “other” in my life. It’s not parenting, not teaching. When I write I gain an essential distance and return a better mom and teacher. But most importantly, I observe more because I’m tacking up possible writing topics on my mental dart-board as I go about my day. I’m simply seeing more of my life when using this lens. And that feels pretty spectacular.

Thanks for helping launch this beast. I hope you stick around!

p.s. The more you interact via FB, the more of my posts you’ll see. Just in case that’s, you know, of interest… 😉


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