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A fantastic opportunity for you to weigh in on a matter of utmost importance!

Just kidding. But I want to create a “best of” category so a year from now when I have more posts than most people want to read, they can go back and check out your favorites. We’re going to do this once a month, starting with August (read them all again here):

Thumbtacks — mostly a throwback post about craving new books and music to pin onto memories.

Babynesia — Baby? What baby? (part throwback, part new.)

Pro-Choice Life-Chooser — throwback post on abortion.

Dinosaurs — in which Owlet declares herself a dinosaur and I extrapolate our relative roles to play in enhancing one another.

Fourteen — husband, kids, house… check. Giggling insanely with friends? Essential must-schedule.

All Together Now… WAAAH! — the night I failed at bedtime and lived to tell the tale.

No Words — partially new stuff, a brief description of things putting the squeeze on my heart, and partially old stuff, about parenting babies without my mom around.

Spiritual Atheist — my love-hate-grow relationship with religion.

End of the Fourth Trimester — musings on my “easy” Platypup.

Cast your vote on here or on facebook or even in person if you want — if you trust me to remember! I’ll tally them up and use one or two to start the new “Whirlwind Word Winding” tour. Thanks guys!


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2 thoughts on “A fantastic opportunity for you to weigh in on a matter of utmost importance!

  1. reproducinggenius on said:

    I want to comment on them all, but I will have to save that for later. Honestly, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to catch up.

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