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attempting to spin cacophony into sanity

Everyone, near and far, your thoughts are welcome on Dec 3rd and 12th and every other day, too. Let’s heal this wonderful boy.

C is for Crocodile

The message below is from our dear friend Carol, who, among many other things, organizes the Caring for Caemon Facebook page. We hope you will take part in this special event to help generate light and love around this next step on our path.


On December 3, 2012, Caemon is scheduled to enter the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) unit to begin preparation for his transplant.  The transplant itself is planned for December 12, 2012.

Preparation, or conditioning, consists of 10 days of very intensive chemotherapy which will destroy all his current bone marrow.  Then the new marrow will be introduced.

This conditioning phase is known to be very challenging for the recipient as well as the caregivers.  The patient becomes quite sick, even too sick to eat after a certain point.  He is very isolated and a great deal of precaution is taken to be sure no germs come…

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