Word Winding

attempting to spin cacophony into sanity

Just a Moment

An explosion of cells that imploded instead
A blossom folding into a bud
Your moment-sized lifetime
Barely glimpsed.

An irresponsible god running with scissors?
A pawn within larger destiny?
Your lifetime just… misplaced?
Karmic fate?

For just a moment, your soul nestled within me
My heart shared before yours never formed
Your tiny growing, stilled
My child gone.

Jeweled butterflies hanging in your sister’s bedroom
A tiny garnet around my neck
A handful of daydreams
These few scrawls…

All that remain of you, your glimmering moment past.

[Written in May 2011. A child, nicknamed Zeus Maki Boo, was due to be born one year ago today. It was a very early, physically painless miscarriage.]


sculpture by Martin Hudáčeka of Banska Bystrica


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