Word Winding

attempting to spin cacophony into sanity


An odd oasis in the midst of one heck of a chaotic week, I find myself at home and unscheduled all day long.

After an early wakeup (which Thor was kind enough to attend to before heading off to work), Platypup graced me with a nap of significant duration, allowing Owlet and I to make valentines.

I am clumsily attempting to cherish my family today. So far, rather than improving myself in the face of my friends’ terrible loss, I have been far from my best. I have been cranky, ungrateful, stingy, and inattentive. I have yelled, whined, grumbled, and exercised a sarcasm muscle that was already quite toned.

In short, I have been entirely unworthy of the gifts of life and love around me. It hasn’t felt intentional, but to the outside observer, it must appear that I am willfully squandering my bounty.


Today, we made valentines. With glitter glue and crayons we painstakingly etched out our love for one another. There were still plenty of whines, cries, and yells, but much fewer of them were mine.

Start small.

Saturday I need to make beautiful music for two mommies who miss their little boy very much.

Lets just say I’m working my way up to that.


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