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Bunny Love

As long as we are photo-rifling…

Remember my lonely rabbit, Autumn, who had a rough start to 2013?

Last month we finally found her a (neutered) companion! We named him Leopold (Owlet helped choose it — her first suggestion was Scratchel but I felt that would ignite undue prejudice against a very friendly, affectionate rabbit and reluctantly overruled her. I offered Satchel which I thought was close but was rejected swiftly and with scorn. I then nominated several names at once and she chose Leopold).

They had met through wire walls once at a nearby shelter and we returned later for a real “date.” For the first hour and a half or so it was nothing but love. Sweet sweet cuddly bunny love.


Then they had their first fight (some nipping from both and lots of crazy jumping from Leopold), and I was a little nervous, but the experienced bunny handler at the shelter wasn’t too worried. I decided to go ahead and adopt him, kept them in separate cages close together in a room neither had seen before (our bathroom) for neutral territory a couple days, then tried letting them loose in our outdoor bunny corral. At first there was more nipping, but Leopold had more room to jump and run so he wasn’t trying to do that on top of Autumn, and they settled down quickly, eventually lounging relaxedly on opposite sides of the play yard for a few hours. We separated them that afternoon before leaving the house, and tried again the next day. Minutes later, this was happening:


And before long, this:


And this:


And it’s been nothin but love ever since.



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