Word Winding

attempting to spin cacophony into sanity


So I really meant to write something for Father’s Day. Or Thor’s birthday. But the problem was we were sort of busy… And when I asked Thor what he wanted to do with our available free time (around my teaching schedule, while my dad and aunt were babysitting) he wanted to clean.


So we did. And it was refreshing and wonderful and all the things cleaning should be.

And also exhausting.

That first day we got this:


Which was previously a pile of the many, many things we didn’t want to leave accessible to the next generation. We did a lot more than that, but nothing else got finished enough for photo shooting.

Today, solo parenting mind you, I somehow achieved this:


And am all sorts of proud. One room mostly-down (there’s a bookshelf top left to tackle, intentionally out of frame), five to go.

Happy birthday and happy Father’s Day to my dear, sweet, hard-working husband. May you be pleasantly surprised when you get home and see the above transformation complete.


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