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Anger Unveiled

I do a lot of thinking about anger. How to express it, how to channel it, when to restrain it at all costs, how best to apologize for it, how to forgive it in others, and naturally how to describe it.

I kind of figured I had the name of the beast down even if I was still working on a successful battle strategy. So it was a big surprise to me this morning to fumble my way into not one but two new (to me, anyway) definitions of anger, both of which double as anger diffusers, both of which are so simple as to fit comfortably together in a 15-word sentence. (Shut up, that’s short for some of us!)

Way cool, huh?

Here goes:

Anger is the perception of having reached the limits of one’s own compassion and imagination.

I am toying with the idea of adding “sense of humor” in there, too. What do you think?

(And now a gratuitous photo.)



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One thought on “Anger Unveiled

  1. You know I’m impressed with the concision, but yes, I think this is it. I think I might add something about patience in there–the limits of one’s patience, compassion, and imagination, but perhaps when it gets down to it, patience is part of compassion.

    Perhaps I should instead just say, I like it. 🙂

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