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Announcing Question Month!

Some friends and I had our second Tarot Game party yesterday.

(In the interest of accurate bloggitude, I should interject that I am deeply skeptical of astrology. The only horoscopes I enjoy are the Onion’s. A set list of characteristics which supposedly apply to hosts of people, even accounting for variety provided by rising signs and the house of Jupiter and all that, just does not resonate with me. I live in a house full of Geminis and my sister is one, too, and I would not describe most of us as fitting the typical laundry list for our sign. Stars and planets surely affect humankind via our solar system, our planet, our environment, and our atmosphere, but in subtle ways that progress at glacial speeds and are thus nearly irrelevant to one person’s lifespan. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy imagining more mystical things are possible.)

What I love about the Tarot Game Jude has developed is how the cards can be almost beside the point, if, like me, you don’t believe in them; what matters is the question asked at the beginning and the insights offered by those gathered as the game progresses. The words used are archetypal and ripe for interpretation, and the feeling of really doing life’s work irreplaceable.

Plus, all of us are mothers of young children and an evening out is always cause for celebration.

My question was about Owlet; specifically, what she needs to feel more secure in herself. Her emotional fluctuations have been stronger lately and she just seems particularly needy. About a week ago I stopped limiting her nursing to three times a day since it was becoming a point of frequent contention, and while the increase in bonding time seems to have helped somewhat, I can tell there is more to be done, especially as sibling tensions have been rising in step with climbing-running-hitting-grabbing Platypup’s blossoming abilities. For Jude’s benefit, since unlike my friends she doesn’t know my daughter, I explained Owlet’s nature, which is to be a watchful sponge of an observer, absorbing all and processing later in the comfort of home. I feel at times as though her sense of self is threatened by change and novelty and am unsure how best to support her, despite (because of?) having been a similar child myself.

Along with tasty food, wine, and unrelated conversation, here is what I got:


Jude mostly lets you and your friends do the talking, interjecting a relevant thought now and then and offering a concrete interpretation at the end. Her advice? Reverse the flow by taking Owlet out into the world in ways that play to her strengths.

It is a sound idea, Thor agreed when we discussed it while star-gazing in the backyard last night after putting the little ones to bed. We are brainstorming the specifics, ranging from enrolling in dance classes to participating together in a bluegrass jam session held in a neighboring town. Regardless of where we go, having a direction is satisfying.

Because of yesterday’s experience, today I have been pondering the power of asking a question to which you truly do not have an immediate answer.

Much of the time, of course, we already know the answer, or think we do. In fact, it seems a bastardized version of the scientific method is often in play, in which we leap from question to hypothesis to conclusion without taking time for research or experimentation, assembling only those facts that support our position, fabricating as needed to render our answer seemingly airtight.

In an effort to combat this tendency, I am embarking upon a month of questions. Each morning for the month of July, I shall pose a question on the Word Winding Facebook page, and later write the thoughts (not necessarily answers!) that result.

I’d love it if you would share your own unanswered questions of the day as you feel moved, either on the Facebook threads or as responses to each post. Feel free to offer insight into my own questions as well. The organic creation of collaborative interpretation is pure fun.


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