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Question #4: Justification for Rights Denied?

(This post is part of a series for July 2013 entitled “Question Month.” Read the intro to the series here.)

My Facebook post earlier today:

“First, two survey questions:

“Heterosexual married people, has your marriage deteriorated in the last week and a half?

“LGBTQ people, has anything changed for you recently?

“And now, on to Question No. 4, a patriotic one in honor of the day:

“Can you think of any reason one group of law-abiding citizens is justified in denying rights to another group of law-abiding citizens? (Ignoring for the moment myriad issues related to the criminal justice system.)”

I have been mulling this over on and off all day. There are only a few that I can think of that make some sense, and they are all based on age: driving, voting, drinking, running for political office… In a country as large as ours, it is hard to trust individual judgement on the above, although I suspect our society would hardly collapse without these age lines in place.

I disagree with denying convicted felons the right to vote after they are supposedly clear of their debt to society. I disagree with rampant racist profiling and the SCOTUS trampling the Voters Rights Act. I disagree with the current brands of taxation and health insurance. I disagree with an unlivable minimum wage and with much of what has been done so far this century in the name of freedom. This list goes on and on and on and on.

And the survey?

No one stepped forward to say their heterosexual marriage had taken a turn for the worse after the recent SCOTUS rulings. Not that I am terribly surprised, since people often read blogs with which they agree.

But one lovely commentator etched a vibrant depiction of how it feels to finally have her marriage recognized:

Yup, the list of battles yet to fight goes on and on, so it’s extra nice to check something off for a change.



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5 thoughts on “Question #4: Justification for Rights Denied?

  1. “Can you think of any reason one group of law-abiding citizens is justified in denying rights to another group of law-abiding citizens?”

    Most definitely. I think it could be ‘justified’ to deny Holocaust deniers their ability to speak publicly about their beliefs.

    • Oooh, good one. my heart is with you… but do you really feel that would be the most effective response?

      Thing is, you can’t really prevent someone from getting their message out, and sometimes banning grants a validity it would otherwise not have had. Like a madman ranting that the end is nigh, who would be walked past by countless commuters on a busy corner without a second glance… But ban him, and suddenly he acquires a cult of devoted followers.

      • Personally, I don’t find it the most effective response but if there was a group people who advocated for it–like there is today–I have no compunctions about calling it justifiable. For a few friends of mine it’s like saying ‘no, your grandma really did not die–your family, your mother and/or father, is lying to your face.’ I could see why they would, at the very least, feel the need to stop that sort of nonsense altogether. I think I would too if I was in their shoes…

      • I empathize, likewise understand the desire, and am personally flabbergasted that anyone could deny the Holocaust in earnest with the wealth of information available.

        Still cannot get behind the denial of free speech, though. Seems a mighty short path from there to a police state.

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