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Question #5: To loo or not to loo?

(This post is part of a series for July 2013 entitled “Question Month.” Read the intro to the series here.)

My Facebook post earlier today:

“Question No. 5: Oh, magic eight ball, is now a good time to begin night-time potty training for one or both of my little ones?

“Owlet has been trained during the day since she was Platypup’s age and is no longer afraid of the bathroom at night, but does not seem to wake up yet before going.

“Platypup is going through a stage I remember Owlet passing through where he is often dry after naps, is really starting to signal before going, and appears to be waking up from having to go rather than just for milk. We did not seize this opportunity with Owlet, assuming it would last, but knowing it can be a fleeting stage makes me more willing to try, as much as I prize my sleep.

“(Owlet is 3 years, Platypup is 13 months, and both have done part-time E.C. from infancy.)”

Damned if I know. And judging by the lack of feedback, no one out there knows, either.

I really want to try Platypup. It’s just that his night diaper is kind of a force to be reckoned with: a pocket diaper stuffed with both an insert and a large prefold, covered by a plastic cover, covered by a wool cover.

Because we really, really like sleep. And dry beds.

I think if we were going to try night-looing him we would need to downgrade for easy off-and-on and risk waking up warm, wet, and smelly.

So maybe we’ll start with Owlet instead.

She is enthusiastically on board. Has been for months, just can’t seem to wake up in time. Either that, or she is saying “no” when she means “oh goodness yes I really really really have to pee.” In all fairness, I don’t often ask most nights — just pull her into bed and go back to sleep.

Tonight I mentioned it at bedtime and she said it sounded great. Especially the part about nursing afterward! We’ll see…


“Looming” (bad puns rule.)


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3 thoughts on “Question #5: To loo or not to loo?

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  2. My philosophy on night EC is this, “EVERYONE pays the sleep piper eventually. I rather pay him now while I’m waking anyway to nurse or attend to other toddler night needs, rather than later when the wees and poops become BIG wizzes and craps-that-defy-all-that-is-good.” Everytime my 3.5 year old does a number two or does a minute long pee in the morning, I thank my lucky EC stars!

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