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Question Interlude (week 1 rehashed)

(This post is part of a series for July 2013 entitled “Question Month.” Read the intro to the series here.)

Increasingly I have felt the need to rehash, refine, or merely update my thoughts on the past week of questions. Of course, it’s a “my game, my rules” situation, so new plan: when my brain needs emptying, roughly once a week?, I’m going to skip asking a new question for the day and blog about the old ones instead.

Question #1 (Nursing — Right or Privilege?): I think my feelings on this issue determine the outcome outside of the right/privilege question. Sometimes I believe it is a right and am happy about it, and my kids respond well, seemingly justifying nursing = right. Yet sometimes I consider it a right but begrudgingly rail against it. And same with privilege: if I am grumpy about choosing to grant access or not, my kids are restless and highly irritable, whereas if I grant this privilege joyfully or deny it matter-of-factly with empathy, the mood in our home is much brighter.

Question #2 (Music Education for All?): I am mostly just coming to grips with how limited my means are at the moment. I have good ideas but will need time to plan them, likely the rest of the summer since schools are out till fall anyway. I think it might be a good-enough start to try to have either a certain percentage or a set number of my students be on need-based scholarship. Currently I have 13 private students plus the Little Uncaged Musicians kid music class, and the number of private students has remained pretty consistently between 12 and 16 since I moved here four years ago. So maybe it would be reasonable to find 1-3 low-income students (depending on how much of a scholarship is needed) in addition to those using barter for music class?

FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: How would you recommend finding students for scholarship? (For simplicity I use enrollment in the state-run programs (MediCal, food stamps, WIC, etc.) to determine eligibility.)

Question #3 (Raising Sexes the Same?): My son demanded that I paint (some) of his toes yesterday — we found a vegan non-toxic nail polish at the farmer’s market and yikes, that sounds pretentious but I was really excited because I have held off on painting kid nails due to noxious fumes and the certainty that chemicals would be not just inhaled but eaten. He also just grew into, and seems taken with, a pair of his sister’s old jeans that have subtle girly elements (pink and orange embroidered owls). I think we are going to be fine following his lead here, just as we have with Owlet (who, in addition to rocking pink skirts and floral patterns is devoted to items such as dinosaur claw socks, monster pajamas, and a shirt with a truck on it). There are photos from our nail-painting at the end of Question #6, linked below.

Question #4 (Justification for Rights Denied?): No real updates but I did have a late commenter bring up the issue of holocaust denial. Feel free to discuss it further on the original page for that question, linked at the beginning of this paragraph. Mostly I am just so thrilled to see such a tangible step taken towards equality in my lifetime.

Question #5 (To loo or not to loo?): Magic eight ball says “try again later.” Owlet did not take kindly to a night-time bathroom visit and I haven’t had the stomach to try again. I may give Platypup a go at some point soon, if I can figure out a diaper solution for maximum absorbency and accessibility without resorting to disposable pull-ups.

Question #6 (Intelligence or Happiness?): A commenter brought up a salient point — a certain level of happiness is a requirement for appropriate brain development. Kind of like deciding chicken-vs-egg once and for all, huh?

Oh, it feels nice to free up space for questioning again! Would love your thoughts on the above and am looking forward to the rest of Question Month.

Thor introducing Owlet to the flute earlier today.





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