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Question #7: Dr. Who?

(This post is part of a series for July 2013 entitled “Question Month.” Read the intro to the series here.)

My Facebook post earlier today:

“Question No. 7: Why does the series “Dr. Who” (the 21st century one) feel so important, almost archetypal? It is just a silly TV show, right? Or is it?”


It is. Mostly Dr. Who is just a silly, sweet, good-hearted adventuresome geeky serial dramedy. It’s British too, of course, to add charm and accents (which are more or less the same thing).

But there is a depth. Not in every single show, but in most. At once calming and riling, each worthy episode contains both an ethical, emotional, or intellectual challenge and also a safety zone in which to consider said challenge a pace away from our reality.

There is the excitement of things happening. Things grander than laundry and bill-paying.

Best of all, there is unwavering hope for the goodness of humankind, forcefully delivered, not to mention exemplified despite his alien classification, by one of the best protagonists television has ever homegrown.

If you have yet to watch it, I charge you to go forth and do so promptly. As for me, it is quite late and only a new episode of the Doctor could possibly keep me from my bed.


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One thought on “Question #7: Dr. Who?

  1. Thor on said:

    So being tagged in this means that FB sends a message which explains that one can tag others by typing in a name, such as John Smith… Apparently they think you’re barking up the right sonic screwdriver.

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