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Question #22: Should We Shun the Great God Gluten?

(This post is part of a series for July 2013 entitled “Question Month.” Read the intro to the series here.)

My Facebook post earlier today:

“Question No. 22: Should my kids and I go gluten free?”


Probably. At least for a trial month.

I wouldn’t have even considered it before reading this article. But the writer didn’t just speak to me, she spoke like me; her initial impression of gluten free as the new fad diet followed by her careful doctor-supported trial of eliminating gluten, then adding it back in just to be sure, was rather convincing because it is exactly how I would go about such a thing. And then there is my dear good friend, who has been doing her own trial month with her kids and is seeing positive results ranging from a calmer temperament to the disappearance of a persistent rash.

A commenter posted this WSJ article which includes real science, something I am all about. She also came up with this gem which I am still mooning over: “one person’s anecdotal evidence does not a peer-reviewed study make.”

Yes. That, in short, is why I have been so skeptical.

That, and my desperate love of bread.

Should we go gluten free?


Will we?

Ah, that is quite a different question. The cost, the time and extra effort. The starvation of my beloved sourdough starter. I am not sure I have it in me.

Perhaps we will edge ever so slightly in the gluten free direction and see how far we get. We already buy very little processed food, especially grains, for the simple reason that they might, in fact, be not food at all but something more like poison. So we are speaking primarily of a modest amount of bread and bagels, with a smattering of pasta, couscous, and the occasional tortilla.

And beer. But nobody’s perfect. I think we’ll just cut the beer from the kids’ diet and let the adults keep it.

(Jeeze, people. No, our kids do not drink beer, though they do try. And Owlet does pretend. And Platypup may have an obsession with bottle caps that are absolutely never within his reach. Yet somehow he finds them anyway.)

There is reputed to be a place in a town 20-30 min south of us which makes its own flour (home-grown and GMO free, of course. I mean, it is NorCal). I do not know the current price tag but suspect it is a distant number compared with the hefty sack of commercial bread flour we purchase at a local restaurant supply store.

Still, it could be a nice intermediate ground prior to taking the big plunge.

Yes, I think we’ll start there and see how it goes.


Do we look like we need less gluten?


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2 thoughts on “Question #22: Should We Shun the Great God Gluten?

  1. Oh man. It can be hard to go GF – however, I think it may be easier to try it for your kids’ sake. We tried going GF for my husband, but he kept sabotaging himself… darn those free donuts at work!! And yes, beer. He’s a Scot… he can’t just walk away from that! 😉 That said, after 6 years of living in SoCo, he will actually order wine instead of beer on occasion. So I guess that’s progress?

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