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Unphotographed Moments – Day Ten

(This post is part of a series for August 2013 entitled “Unphotographed Moments.” Read the intro to the series here.)

Today’s Unphotographed Moments:

Well, ok, we did take some photos of this, but our solar panels went up on the roof today! Yaaay! We enjoyed watching the workers from our front windows as well as from outside and also played a fair amount of music while doing so since the view was best from my teaching studio. They can’t be used until both the city and the electric company have inspected them, but they’re up!

The very best blackberry pancakes that have ever been crafted or eaten. Thank you, Thor, for breakfasting us in style.

Ok, fine, we got some photos of this one, too, but Owlet had her first pony ride and carousel ride! We tried a pony awhile back but she immediately wanted off so it doesn’t really count. This time she was hooked — wanted to go again and again (we did two double-loop rides), getting more confident each time. And she loved the carousel, too. This horse-loving mom (not to mention her horse-loving Granny) was delighted to see it.

Platypup was enthralled by the rooster at the petting zoo. Like, really, really enthralled. I think he has quite an affinity for his feathered friends, and I am glad I decided to purchase a stuffed chicken for him for his first birthday even though we already had enough stuffed animals. The kid is clearly keen on chickens.

Hanging up laundry while Platypup amused himself, first with digging in the dirt, then with crouching inside the crate I use as a laundry basket pedestal and knocking on the crate wall while saying “nuk nuk nuk” (knock knock knock) in mimicry of the solar workers tap-tapping on our roof.

Getting all spruced up for an evening out with friends to a local “butterfly ball” fundraiser to benefit the families of kids with life-threatening illnesses. My friends and I made butterfly accessories to wear, donned our finery, drank tasty wine, and bid on some seriously gorgeous auction and raffle items. I came home with a gorgeous sweater for Owlet and the perfect present for someone with a birthday coming up. (sssh, don’t tell them.)


Today’s one-shot photo:


This silver/enamel cup was my baby cup. Owlet loves it.


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