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Unphotographed Moments – Day Eleven

(This post is part of a series for August 2013 entitled “Unphotographed Moments.” Read the intro to the series here.)

Today’s Unphotographed Moments:

The delicious three-legged sourdough bread turtle the cashier who took our order gave us for free at the new Boudin SF. Turned out to be excellent teething for Platypup as well.

The gorgeous display of piggy banks decorated by members of the UU congregation as part of a fundraiser. I have pictures of two of them here (the amazing “zen tangling” was done by my friend Gertrude alone; the Monopoly pig was a collaborative effort by Gertrude, Alice, Rapunzel, and I).



Semi-silent laughing with Rapunzel, complete with tears and bright red face, while listening to the UU sermon, much to Owlet’s bemusement. Fortunately we were toward the back.

Peacefully shopping at the bead store with a sleeping Platypup snuggled against my chest in the Ergo, enjoying an opportunity to be both very much with my child and free to browse slowly along in mental solitude.

Catching up at my kitchen table with my sister, who has been traveling all summer and is returning only briefly before going to teach in Shanghai!

Platypup chasing our cats trying desperately to be gentle with them. Cricket gladly accepts any and all things resembling caresses; Pickle tolerates a certain level of enthusiastic petting; Pajama gets touched only when soundly cornered and otherwise flees promptly upon threatened approach.


Today’s one-shot photo:



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