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Unphotographed Moments – Day Twenty-One

(This post is part of a series for August 2013 entitled “Unphotographed Moments.” Read the intro to the series here.)

Today’s Unphotographed Moments:

The best would-be photo by far today was me, dancing in a preschoolers’ ballet class. Technically this headlining affair was captured in the photos one of the other parents was taking. Fortunately I shall almost certainly never see them. Owlet was so, so excited about ballet — it was actually her idea, from seeing some of Swan Lake on youtube earlier this summer with Thor, and she chose leotards and tried on slippers yesterday at the dance store (man, is that stuff expensive!) with glee, but as soon as we arrived, her shyness devoured her enthusiasm and she didn’t want to go in without me. So I wrapped my embarrassment into a ball and pressed it tightly into the corner of my mind and danced like it was my dearest ambition. Fortunately it was a small class (supposed to be four kids but one was pretty upset about being there and didn’t come in, so it was just three, plus me of course) so my large limbs didn’t get in anyone’s way. Owlet mostly did not dance, at least, not the singing and hand gesturing parts of the class. She did, however, rock first position in a way that appeared to surprise the teacher, and put her adorably slipper-clad feet into a wide V shape every time we were supposed to. I wonder if she would do better in a class that did less stereotypically kid stuff and more “real” ballet, but suspect she will love it in a few weeks no matter what. At bedtime, unprompted, she said she really liked ballet class, and seems ok with the idea that I will (hopefully get to) sit down like the other parents next time instead of dancing along.

The real best photo today was Owlet in her ballet gear, of course, but we did actually photograph that:





(She picked out the leotard herself — isn’t the back lovely?)

Owlet putting a laundry basket on Thor’s head while he was trying to leave for work, then saying “goodbye, Basket Head!”

Having a stroke of brilliance to use my kid music rugs to each represent a measure to help a student count correctly by playing violin while walking on them.

Platypup singing! He has been leaning toward carrying a tune for awhile but today he came out with the “Peter” theme from Peter and the Wolf (I know, right?) and even mimicked “this is the way we wash our hands” after I had finished mopping him off post-taco.

Platypup studiously filing every single piece from Owlet’s puzzle into one rain boot.


Today’s one-shot photo:


Platypup’s bear, Cauliflower, whom he loves to “rockabye” whilst singing “rockabye your bear.”


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