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Unphotographed Moments – Day Twenty-Seven

(This post is part of a series for August 2013 entitled “Unphotographed Moments.” Read the intro to the series here.)

Today’s Unphotographed Moments:

Babysitting a sweet one year old and feeling slightly guilty for his completely mud-encrusted pants!

Having one of those fabulous teaching days where every lesson goes not just well but really exceptionally well.

Watching my daughter write my “real” name (Elizabeth instead of Mommy) for the first time.

Allowing both kids to gleefully sweep crayons from tabletop to floor as long as they were willing to pick them up afterward — and they did!

Sitting here finally getting around to emailing the principals of local elementary schools asking them to identify a student or two most likely to both be interested in violin, viola, or cello and to be unable to afford lessons to whom I might award a full or partial scholarship for the school year. (I have decided to offer two full scholarships, or four partial, or one full and two partial.) The irrational fear of principals is far-reaching indeed — I was mightily amused when I realized I was nervous about pushing send simply because they are principals! And of course promptly pushed send. Because I am out of their jurisdiction! Bwa-ha-ha.


Today’s one-shot photo:


Here you can see the bell Thor and I rang at our wedding. We are supposed to ring it whenever we argue to remind us of that day. It is also required that we then kiss. It works quite well and is a worthy companion to our recently adopted Purple People Eater.


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