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Getting My Act Together Frantic-Style (with your help?)

I didn’t realize how little I use the “real” computer (vs. the ipad) until it came around to, oh, say TWO DAYS before the LLS Light the Night fundraising walk and I realized I still had not formally joined. The “join” form, you see, did not work on the ipad, and there my scattered brain left it.

Until today.

Today, I have joined. And here is my scrambling, apologetic, last-minute plea for assistance.

Would you, please, make a donation?

Not on my behalf. My lazy, forgetful self does not deserve your assistance. But my friends’ son Caemon is the Remembered Hero. And kids like him, and moms like his, they deserve every bit of what you can give. So that when a three year old goes to the doctor with a suspected ear infection and ends up on a rollercoaster called leukemia, that ride ends the way it should, with the long years of that child’s life stretching before him. Every damn time.



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