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Leaving Babyhood

I have known, intellectually, that Platypup was no longer a baby for quite some time. He runs, climbs, sings, demands, brushes his own teeth, and is absurdly proud of his shoes.

And Owlet is certainly no baby either, and hasn’t been for a couple years.

But the last 24 hours have contained not one but three laudable advancements toward adulthood to twang out those bittersweet heartstring blues.

Last night we officially began night-weaning Platypup. I have been feeling more than ready for some uninterrupted sleep, lately he hasn’t been settling back off to sleep while nursing as easily, and according to my wise friend Rapunzel (who has experienced both) night-weaning an older toddler or preschooler can be quite a bit more challenging.

It went very well, from my perspective. Thor stayed with Platypup and magnificently kept putting him back to sleep while I bunked down with Owlet.

This means I got to sleep last night. Real sleep. Like, multiple hours of it, something approaching a solid stretch of sleep. I think. I’m a little fuzzy on the details of what uninterrupted sleep actually feels like, having not experienced it in some time. But I think this was it. For sure one 3+ hr stretch, and a few smaller stretches.

Utterly delightful.

Platypup came in at the agreed-upon hour of 5am for some long-awaited milk and even more sleeping happened. It was so sweet and snuggly and I had really really missed him; quite a change from what had lately been something of a sleep-deprived battle.

Not one to do things halfway, he eventually woke up for real, got out of bed with Thor, and apparently took himself to the loo, where he pooped — the first time he has gone No. 2 on his own initiative rather than because we happened to time a pottytunity well or, more common, let loose in his diaper. He has really taken to having his own little loo (we are using the Potette Plus in potty configuration with reusable liner inserted because it is small enough for his feet to touch the ground firmly) and has been self-directing loo trips for pee increasingly often, but was not inclined to poop there. Until this morning!

And then, just for a growing-up triple play, I cut both kids’ hair this morning for the first time ever.

For Platypup, it was definitely time — his delicious baby locks were beginning to not only obstruct vision but also get stuck in food on his cheeks or, worst of all, snot in his nose. (Eeew!)

Owlet I would have gladly continued to detangle frequently in exchange for enjoying her ringlets awhile longer, but she demanded in on the home salon experience.

Here they are pre-clippers:




And here I am attempting to trim to some semblance of an even length while they thrash about in perpetual motion:




And the finished products!









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