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Beyond the TED talk

So this video is making the rounds:


I have never experienced this before: simultaneously agreeing with what is being said and being irritated beyond belief by it. I did not click with the speaker and it is all info I have gotten via other sources with better, much less stressful vibes. Still, I get why people are loving it. This kind if goal-adjustment is certainly needed by frazzled parents everywhere.

I think she is missing a few key pieces:

1) going back even further than farms and factories, to small groups of hunter-gatherers, to find guidance for our roles as parents and children. Perhaps it is the Daniel Quinn and Continuum Concept fan in me, perhaps it is my inheritance from my anthropology-studying mother, but more than anything that is where I turn when I seek clarification.

2) the lack of 24/7 live-in extended family/friend support in our culture. Completely not even kind of addressed.

3) the importance of leading by example. I believe that if your goal is happiness, self-sufficiency, an innovative spirit, generosity, you name it, you need only exemplify it to the best of your ability. Your kids will soak it in just as readily they do all your bad habits.

What do you think?


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