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Owlet rocks

In case you were wondering where I’ve disappeared to lately, well, I can blame at least a bit on preparations for my students’ annual concert this past weekend!

Platypup jammed along enthusiastically with the Little Uncaged Musicians and then was not inclined to stick around for more than a few songs, meaning Thor missed most of it. But they both did get to see Owlet play (actually, she and Thor even played together: a cute jazzy piano improv trio I dubbed “Strawberry Jam” with a first grader I teach).

I was so proud of my Owlet. She really listens to herself play, and has a great big full tone to show for it, with spot-on rhythm and better than fair intonation for a not-quite-four-year-old. I’m also blown away that she sat attentively while the other students played instead of joining the pack of monkeys, er, other little kids who were playing inside and out for most of the concert, which is held in our backyard. But then again, she was about that focused last year, now that I think of it. Music is something that captivates her. How did I get so lucky? Fingers crossed we keep fostering this appropriately… It takes some self-restraint not to push, but I am quite committed to letting her play for her own sake and not mine.









(All photos by M. Knight)


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2 thoughts on “Owlet rocks

  1. Those pictures are so cute! I’m curious… what size violin does Owlet play on? There have been some rumblings among the wee ones around here about playing violin…

    • Owlet is using a 1/8 size… If you google “violin sizing chart” you should be able to get an idea, or pop into Johnson Strings (your closest good instrument rental place, right near you in Newton) to get the child or children in question properly sized.

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