Word Winding

attempting to spin cacophony into sanity

Identity Nude

How do you define yourself to the world? In what identities do you clothe yourself? Which are easily removable and which are your version of Tobias Fünke’s “never nude?”

Job, family, politics, hobbies, sexual orientation, religion, pets, parenting practices, food preferences, socioeconomic status… Sometimes we drape our personal collection of silks with an alluringly eclectic beauty. Sometimes we arrange them in a way that proudly proclaims our super-uniqueness to any who will look. Sometimes we cling in vain to these shawls wrapped around us as they droop and bunch and threaten to fly away altogether.

It can be tempting to spread one identity out over all the others, obscuring them from view. Even more tempting is the urge to lift one off of someone else walking by.

Mighty difficult it is to tease just one particular facet of identity apart from the rest to change it for another or discard it altogether. Sometimes all the others are snagged along, too, forever altered.

I have my own adornment of veils, of course.

But I’d always rather leave it behind and walk unencumbered under the sun and moon to stand, just me. To meet, just you.



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