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Four Years an Owlet

Four years ago, at 12:40am, the most physically intense moment of my life suddenly released and a life began.


A year later, and I finally had begun to feel like someone’s mother. And that someone had more intensity and goofiness and brilliance and stubbornness than you would ever imagine could lie beneath a rather shy-upon-first-meeting exterior.


Two years old with a maturity absurdly beyond her years… She seemed so grown-up at the time, especially with her baby brother arriving, but looking back, she is hardly out of babyhood.


By age three, her feisty streak was strengthening, fortunately in pace with a strong intellect.


And by this, her fourth birthday, a number of deeply rooted passions have begun to flower; chief among them, reading and music-making.


Happy birthday, dear Owlet!


Her wish is my command — when it comes to birthday cakes, anyway! — vanilla cupcakes with raspberry frosting and bees on top, exactly as requested. I am super proud of those bees — mango purée with Nutella stripes and sliced almond wings.


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2 thoughts on “Four Years an Owlet

  1. Happy birthday, Owlet! You picked such wonderful photos to capture her emerging personality.

    • Thanks! When I was browsing through old photos to pick these I came across a few adorable ones with yours. I can’t believe how old J and J are now, and am so looking forward to meeting baby R next time you all fly out this way.

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