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Speak to me only with thine iPhone? Nope.

I have a blog. So obviously I love to write. And I am more at ease writing than speaking. It is not uncommon for me to fail to accurately convey all of what I wish to say to someone in the moment, in conversation, and as a result I will zap a message (perhaps bordering on a treatise) at them later, after the kids are asleep and my synapses regain the will to fire.

But the question my pal NaBloPoMo asks is not where I am cozy and warm and safe and able to edit ad nauseam.

No, the question is stated quite clearly: “How do you communicate best? Speaking or writing?”

The key word is communicate. So key I felt it should be both bold and italic. Huzzah. Communicate, meaning to share thoughts and ideas (thanks, Google).

People are lazy listeners every bit as much as they are lazy readers. And yet there are so many ways of communicating face to face that go beyond the words. Gestures. Tone. Tears and laughter. The impossibly vital role of silence.

Not only am I willing to hang my hat on my being a more effective communicator while speaking than while writing, but I am willing to bet a hefty percentage of beings in this world are, too.

Writing is a tool. A wonderful tool. And if you are trying to, say, schedule an appointment or give directions and are fortunate enough to have delightful but horrendously noisy children in the background, the written word is almost always superior to any attempts at verbal communication.

But every poem, every novel, every textbook and nature guide and blog post I have ever loved is ten times more informative, emotive, and simply more vivid when spoken.

That being said, if the question were simply, “How do you communicate best?” without the focus-narrowing second question, my answer would be prompt and as deeply true as true can be:





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