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Announcing… Ninja!

Thor and I had always planned to have two kids. And when I say always, I truly mean from the first moment we discussed the possibility of ever reaching that very far-off seeming point. Two. For sure. Two and only two.

And then Platypup was born… And within days I knew I wasn’t done.

Thor was not convinced, possibly because his hormones were not in a blender on high with the top off. So I figured we should wait to officially debate the issue until Platypup turned three. It seemed as though we would have a better sense by then of what it felt like to leave the baby/toddler phase behind, catch up on sleep, and decide whether to sail onward into middle childhood or give round three a try.

Well, this past May our Platypup turned three, and, like clockwork…  

 Halfway between Thor’s birthday and Father’s Day we learned the good news. Above is that quintessential “what am I squinting at?” ultrasound photo used to estimate a due date. Turns out our little Ninja is due in February — clearly already determined to distinguish his/herself from the rest of the family, who are all lumped together in Gemini territory.

Us parents are excited. The kiddos are over the moon. This is going to be awesome. Bring on Baby No. 3!

P. S.  This is totally how we dress all the time. The proximity to our Talk Like a Pirate Day party (Sept 19th, one of our family’s sacred holidays) is just coincidental.

   Aaarrr! Now that I’m not nauseous all th’ bloody day, I’ll have yer guts fer garters iffen ye don’t rustle up some grub!

  Avast! Hold on just a bloody minute, if’n we be havin’ another set o’ hands on deck, ’twill it mean our kitchen’ll ne’er again be swabbed’n stay swabbed?

 Yaaaar! I’ll soon ‘ave two wee bilge rats teh do me bidding!

 Ho ho, I won’t be th’ lowly cabin lad anymore!


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