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September NaBloPoMo: Healing

To be perfectly honest, I usually don’t open the emails I get every month about NaBloPoMo. It’s a really cool idea, but I’m usually both too busy and too drawn toward writing my own unprompted things to give it more than a moment’s thought. But for whatever reason, I opened this month’s call for participation, and it immediately appealed to me.

The topic is “healing,” the writing prompts all speak to ideas I love exploring, and I have been craving a return to writing here since I have spent the past month or more turning more deeply inward than was readily bloggable.

The prompts are given for weekdays. I may take weekends off, I may not. We shall see. I’m not feeling terribly dogmatic about it. But consider this your heads up — brace yourselves, dear readers, for an onslaught of writing!

NaBloPoMo… Woo!



September’s Haul

Whew! I’m still recovering from a very successful fundraiser this past weekend. I’ve missed blogging this past week but am too scattered today to put anything together. Besides, it’s almost the end of October and I have yet to solicit your favorite post from September, so here goes (don’t worry, I already weeded out the dumb ones!):

Mawage — Wedding anniversary post.

722 Pages Worth Reading Aloud (even if you’re covered in small children) — My review of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

All kids deserve better than this. — When I read certain articles, I am unabashedly apprehensive about my children being out in the world without me.

Magical Words — The beauty of an effortlessly polite toddler.

Help! Where are my words, and how do I use them? — My brain = mush.

A Bit of Birth Advice — Throwback post written about Owlet’s birth and first few months.

Origins of an Owlet — Owlet and I check out her birthplace.

The Irrational Rage Monster — Tantrums aren’t exclusively children’s domain.

Vote for your favorite one or two to live forever on the Whirlwind Word Winding page. You can vote in the comments below, on Facebook, or even in person if you prefer!

Spinning My Threads on the Interwebs

Looks like I missed my own blog’s two-month birthday! Do you mind if I gush briefly anyway? (If you prefer, go twiddle your thumbs somewhere instead and come back when I post something more meaty. No hard feelings.)

Lately I’ve been marveling at how writing here has been unexpectedly expanding my experience (haha, say that three times fast) in other arenas. When I created this space I mostly just wanted a butterfly net to capture the thoughts Owlet and Platypup had been constantly generating within me but were not yet old enough to receive. Preggo/mommy brain had been leaving me rather inarticulate in real life and I wanted to share those musings with friends and family and even a few strangers. I’d also been feeling a bit one-sided and relished the opportunity to track other mental pursuits unrelated to mothering. But somehow I pictured it all happening in a vacuum, in my little nook of the internet called Word Winding.

What I didn’t expect:

– The very day I opened my blog up to the world, the 15th person to “like” me was the lady behind The Leaky Boob. (I had sent humble little tendrils via Facebook to a handful of my favorite bloggers.) I squealed like a Beatles fan and may have awakened one or more small children in the vicinity. My blitheringly sophomoric status update included the following choice phrases: “Ok, major nerd-meets-semi-celebrity-in-cyberspace moment” and “Well, color me giddy as a schoolgirl.”

– She was the first, but not the only — three of my favorite bloggers have, also: Mama Raw, The Single Crunch, and The Hands Free Revolution. I am truly honored and cannot recommend their work to you highly enough.

Patrick Rothfuss liked my review of his amazing book The Name of the Wind. I mean, of course he would, because I pretty much hand him an award for best writer ever, but still. He took the time (probably out of writing the third book, sorry everyone for delaying its release another four and a half minutes) to read it, reply, say he really liked it, and ask for permission to share it. Recommence shrieking scene described above. Perhaps with bells on. You know, the velco kind you attach to your baby’s flailing limbs. Or am I the only one who does that?

Of course I love the heady feeling I get when someone whose writing I’ve admired likes mine back, but more than that I love the connection.

This is extending away from my blog and into other “virtual” interactions. Recently I sent a brief email to author Debora Geary (review coming soon, I promise) to let her know about a couple typos in her latest book since it had just that day been released on Kindle. I almost never do things like that, but thought maybe there was an easy way to correct it since it was a digital format. Typos are like toothpicks in my brain, and she’s too delightful of an author to have her work marred needlessly if I could ride in on my gallant steed and rescue the situation. She thanked me, which was nice of her, and that was that… until a little over a week later when out of nowhere she wrote again to offer me what she called “an informal proofreading gig.” Um, you mean, instead of me buying your book, you’ll pay me to read it? Yeah, I think that’d be ok…

The point is not to brag. That’s just a side perk. Feel free to slap me for bragging. The point is this: I used to come for the story only, whether to blogs or to books. Despite knowing a few spectacular authors in real life — and loving the extra nuance my personal knowledge brought to their already impressive work — I’d still been buffered from the rest of the world’s writers without realizing it. In starting my own humble blog I have somehow inadvertently sliced through that not-so-impenetrable barrier to the creators behind the words. I have no illusions about “actually” knowing these people as friends (yet! haha… I will try not to stalk these worthy wordsmiths, but I do not promise to succeed). Still, these connections are way more nourishing than my old impersonal, one-way, glazed-eyes speed-reading. It’s refreshing, just as two minutes on the phone with a friend is refreshing compared with any amount of Facebook scrolling.

And now for some recent stats:

– My own sister was rather late to the party as the 50th liker. She’ll never live it down! Relentless teasing shall be hers.

– Five of the last eight people to “like” Word Winding are strangers… or soon-to-be friends? Welcome aboard!

A fantastic opportunity for you to weigh in on a matter of utmost importance!

Just kidding. But I want to create a “best of” category so a year from now when I have more posts than most people want to read, they can go back and check out your favorites. We’re going to do this once a month, starting with August (read them all again here):

Thumbtacks — mostly a throwback post about craving new books and music to pin onto memories.

Babynesia — Baby? What baby? (part throwback, part new.)

Pro-Choice Life-Chooser — throwback post on abortion.

Dinosaurs — in which Owlet declares herself a dinosaur and I extrapolate our relative roles to play in enhancing one another.

Fourteen — husband, kids, house… check. Giggling insanely with friends? Essential must-schedule.

All Together Now… WAAAH! — the night I failed at bedtime and lived to tell the tale.

No Words — partially new stuff, a brief description of things putting the squeeze on my heart, and partially old stuff, about parenting babies without my mom around.

Spiritual Atheist — my love-hate-grow relationship with religion.

End of the Fourth Trimester — musings on my “easy” Platypup.

Cast your vote on here or on facebook or even in person if you want — if you trust me to remember! I’ll tally them up and use one or two to start the new “Whirlwind Word Winding” tour. Thanks guys!

Hello? (hello… hello…)

So. It seems Facebook is less than ideal. At least, for those of you who wish to know when I’ve posted.

It appears Thor never was notified that I’d posted something absurdly cute for our anniversary. (In case you missed it also, click here. Actually, go to the main page and check to see what else you’ve missed!)

However, it was good timing. We celebrated our anniversary tonight — we’d intended to do so on Saturday, but due to colds and fussy babies this was the first night where there was an actual gap between the final child going to sleep and me turning into a pumpkin — anyway, we were enjoying our wine and cheese and chocolate and having a conversation the likes of which we never manage to have whilst the little ones are awake. That’s when I found out he hadn’t read it and, well, sort of ordered him to do so. It was great. He laughed at all the right places, commented on how little Owlet looked on her stump chair just six months or so ago, and at the end, said, “we used to vacuum the couch!” in an incredulous voice.

So if you happen to see this one, would you “like” it on Facebook? Might up the percentage of people who see what they’ve already said they’d like to see, for crying out loud. Merci.

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