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Three ships passing

We are in historically epic transitional times, of that I am certain. Adolescence is the most apt (non-profane) one-word description of society today. We’ve picked at our blemishes and now they are rallying, marching from cheek to chin. Red and raging now, they will fade, in time, and leave scars.

Three spheres are going to slide past one another in space tomorrow. This celestial shuffleboard is unremarkable when viewed from anywhere but here.

Here it will induce unsettled fascination with mild to moderate traces of apocalyptica. Knee-deep in cultural voice cracking, now feeble, now gravelly, we struggle to plot humanity’s adulthood from the confines of our short lifespans and unstable hormones.

What is one dust mote of a human being in all of time and space?

Tomorrow I bear witness to the fleetingly profound impact one dust mote of a moon has on all life in the known universe.

It is absolutely true that any object can banish light. And it is equally true that light will return.

Through our growing pains we develop tremendous power to wield on behalf of one another and this planet. May our skin soften and crease into wrinkles of love and laughter. May our voices find resonance. May we realize that our actions have consequences; may we draw from our diverse strengths to make wise and thoughtful choices. May our species find our way back home, newly minted adults, to say “thanks, mom, for everything. Sorry I took you for granted for so long.”

I sometimes feel despair and loss when looking at the night sky from the city or suburbs. I crave the complexity of stars that my bones know is my birthright, that I have yet to see in unadulterated glory. Lately, however, I find sustenance in this aching discrepancy.

You see, the stars are always there. Pollution and city lights and clouds and simple daylight can’t do a damned thing to stop the rest of our universe from gleaming at me… The only effect they can have is on my ability to See. What. Is.

It’s time to stop squandering potential and grow the fuck up. May this momentary alignment of sun, moon, and planet serve as a compass, to help steer humanity through the darkness, toward the stars.


It’s All Adolescence

When did it come to be regarded as fact that childhood is a joy, adulthood is stable, and turbulence only begrudgingly tolerated in adolescence?

Childhood is a joy, sure, yeah, sometimes. But childhood is nothing so much as landing in a foreign country where you do not know the language upon arrival and are not free to go. Childhood is experiencing — first in each day, later in each week, and eventually in each month or so — the very best and worst moments of your life so far. Childhood is a serious pursuit of knowledge. Childhood is full of confusion and unrequited longing, boredom and the unsettling feeling that everyone knows something you do not. It is experiencing feelings so blindingly huge that you are afraid of them.

Adolescence gets a bad rap, but in it, all of the above are overlaid with a gradual grasping of the big picture, a feeling so exhilarating one wishes to have endless hours to devote to it. Adolescence is launching the glorious quest of finding hearts that resonate most strongly with one’s own. Adolescence is assuming the size and shape of an adult and demanding the freedom to go with it. Adolescence is going into the world and making a map of it.

And adulthood?

At its worst, adulthood can be stable, too stable. But for me, most of the time, it is still chock full of best and worst moments, has plenty of confusion and unrequited longing, boredom and the unsettling feeling that everyone knows something I do not. It is still experiencing feelings so blindingly huge that I am afraid of them. And it is also the ongoing pursuit of knowledge, the heady aroma of freedom, and the gradual grasping and refining of the big picture. Most of all, delightfully, it is the process of growing together with those hearts which resonate most strongly with my own.

It is, all of it, messy and painful and filled with joy. And the more I open to the chaos of it all, the more I learn to revel in it.


They have recently discovered my shoe storage. No heel is safe. And so now none of our toes are, either.

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