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Unphotographed Moments – Day Three

(This post is part of a series for August 2013 entitled “Unphotographed Moments.” Read the intro to the series here.)

Today’s Unphotographed Moments:

Owlet hunched over, seriously choking up on her putter during her very first mini-golf experience. Later, she told me “I really liked that miniature.” Meaning, she had fun golfing. She really wanted to try the bumper boats but you had to be 40 inches just to ride with an adult and even taller to go by yourself.

Platypup tripping outside and falling flat on his belly in the grass, looking up to determine whether to get upset, and after a moment’s deliberation grinning a roguish grin.

Owlet asking a string of “Why?”s while reading Llama Llama Misses Mama. She had asked plenty of normal whys before, but a switch flipped a week or so ago and now she is in full throttle three-year-old why mode. I love it. For now. It is delightful to dig to the bottom of the reasons with her.

Hanging laundry in the cooling evening air, sun setting, boy-child cackling while playing a hybrid of tag and peekaboo with Granny.


Today’s one-shot photo:


There’s a flying saucer behind me!


Question #10: Modern Conveniences vs. Happiness?

(This post is part of a series for July 2013 entitled “Question Month.” Read the intro to the series here.)

My Facebook post earlier today:

“Question No. 10: Do modern conveniences help or hinder the pursuit of happiness?”

It’s both. Of course it’s both. Medical science, paved streets, Skype… They all help. Hugely. But hanging laundry and making bread from scratch soothe and invigorate my soul in a way an electric dryer and a flaccid bagged excuse for bread never will.

A lot of modern innovations serve to isolate us in our tiny suburban castles. Those are clearly bad news bears. Many more distract and fragment our lives (a la Facebook) and are to be used sparingly and with caution.

And zillions simply serve to free our time, in and of themselves not a bad thing. Except that we need to use our hands sometimes to feel alive, beyond our online avatars. To knead the bread. To scrub the tile. To wrap the yarn. To clip laundry, dripping cool against the summer heat.

That is when our minds are most free; when our hands are employed in menial tasks.


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