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Getting My Act Together Frantic-Style (with your help?)

I didn’t realize how little I use the “real” computer (vs. the ipad) until it came around to, oh, say TWO DAYS before the LLS Light the Night fundraising walk and I realized I still had not formally joined. The “join” form, you see, did not work on the ipad, and there my scattered brain left it.

Until today.

Today, I have joined. And here is my scrambling, apologetic, last-minute plea for assistance.

Would you, please, make a donation?

Not on my behalf. My lazy, forgetful self does not deserve your assistance. But my friends’ son Caemon is the Remembered Hero. And kids like him, and moms like his, they deserve every bit of what you can give. So that when a three year old goes to the doctor with a suspected ear infection and ends up on a rollercoaster called leukemia, that ride ends the way it should, with the long years of that child’s life stretching before him. Every damn time.



Unphotographed Moments – Day Twenty

(This post is part of a series for August 2013 entitled “Unphotographed Moments.” Read the intro to the series here.)

Today’s Unphotographed Moment:

Today my heart is heavy with the memory of my friends’ son Caemon, who was diagnosed with leukemia one year ago today, shortly before his third birthday. There isn’t a photograph that could capture the aching sadness, the impotent anger, the sheer helplessness I feel at his loss, and it utterly eclipses whatever else may have occurred today.


Today’s one-shot photo:



All is still.

Still room, unleavened by the myriad noises a small boy makes.
Still hands clenched tightly grasping emptiness.
Still hearts craving, craving endlessly without respite, reluctant to beat alone.

Redwoods still press the sky ever-upward.
The ocean still hums her same song.
Fog still rolls into a crocodile at sunrise.

All is, still.

My friends Jodi and Timaree lost their immeasurably precious son Caemon yesterday morning. They begin the impossible task of reconciling the end of his life with the continuation of theirs. With my every fiber, I wish it were not so.

Lend us your wishes

My friends need your help. If you’ve been reading here for awhile, you know about a little boy named Caemon. He has leukemia, recently underwent a marrow transplant, and while it seemed he was heading home in the not too distant future, he is currently having a relapse.

If you believe in prayer, pray. If you meditate, hold onto health for Caemon in the space between breaths. If you smudge sage, light candles, communicate with gods, spirits, or ancestors, or simply close your eyes and burn a wish into the depths of your heart, please do so.

To read more, here is the latest news: http://cisforcrocodile.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/relapse/

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