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Starlit Grief

​The moon is not visible from my window
And this is good.
Starlight is more illuminating of grief.

I hold my ceaseless craving for your warmth
Gently these days.
I take comfort now in its omnipresence.

The way the stars of this time and of this place
Are merely hints.
Would that I could see nebulas in their stead.

You and the unpolluted sky are both here
Safe in my heart.
Your absence, like your presence, lights my way home.


In My Mother’s Words

My mom died 16 years ago today. More than half my life. She wrote incessantly; journals, poems, essays, even botanical studies. She should be a 63-year-old doting grandmother.

These are her words.

I open my eyes and look out at the beauty of the world.

I look for the worth in all things.

I sense that I am connected to everything that exists.

I belong to the Earth – I am and will always be a part of the earth.

I feel wonder as I contemplate the Universe with all of its marvelous order – its atoms, the planets, the sun, stars, and galaxies – the infinite complexity of all living things.

Everything is interconnected and interdependent – nothing stands alone, even rocks and ash.

I feel humble as I ponder the mystery of creation, evolution, the life-giving forces of sunlight, water, oxygen…the mystery of human awareness.

I take pride in being a part of this world. I seek to accept and fulfill the role I have been given to play. I am thankful for the web of life and love that surrounds me and sustains me. I notice and take action at the times when I am able to contribute to the web by attending to the needs of others.

I am an instrument of peace.

I bow my head before the imponderables, the unresolvables, the mystery of life. When I am troubled and confused or tempted….I pray that the spirit of wisdom will protect me from all false choices.

Jacqueline W. Knight

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