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“Maturity is” (Announcing Kid-Friendly Quote of the Month!)

The kids and I are embarking upon a quote of the month venture. Feel free to join us! Each month we plan to choose a quote, discuss it, and hang it on the fridge for further pondering in the coming weeks.

This month’s quote is a handy definition from Dear Abby.

Maturity is:

  • The ability to stick with a job until it’s finished.
  • The ability to do a job without being supervised.
  • The ability to carry money without spending it.
  • The ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.

The kids and I talked about what all of those words mean, why those four things are difficult, why they are important, how by this definition some preteens are more mature than some octogenarians , and how this differs from the official 18 years old = adult. I mentioned how it might not be a complete list so we brainstormed for other points to add to it but haven’t come up with any definite ones yet.



I do not need more than enough food
Waste not, waist not, or something like that
I do not need more than enough belongings
Drowning in objects is no laughing matter
I do not need more than enough money
Lest earning morph to goal from means
I do not need more than enough success
For living is in the exploring and muddling and striving
I do not need more than enough time
When my thread runs out, I will go.

There are only a few bottomless wells in this life
From which I shall drink as deeply as I may
Of laughter
Of music
Of rain
Of tea steeping and bread rising
And of love
Quietly, patiently,
Tuning my heartstrings.




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