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Unphotographed Moments – Day One

I enjoyed having a theme for July. But it was a rather time-consuming theme. August’s theme is less ambitious but the potential for growth and introspection is still there. Win, right?

As I mentioned recently, I feel an obligation to capture every beautiful, funny, unusual moment of my children’s lives on, well, whatever we call what replaced film. Memory? Data? The Cloud?

This month there isn’t a ban on photography or anything so rash as that, but the goal is to experience those snapshot-worthy moments more fully by not always dashing off for the camera (phone? iPad?) and endeavor to remember them long enough to describe them here later.

I would love to hear your own unphotographed moments as well; please feel free to share.


Today’s Unphotographed Moments:

Waking up in the glow of morning curled tightly against a sleep-nursing Platypup, one cat at my feet, another at my back, fairly certain that we had awakened in exactly the position we fell asleep in together after I returned, far too late for Platypup’s liking, from a delightful night out on the town.

Major baby cacophony at our birth center parents’ group! Wiggling, crawling, toddling, giggling, babbling adorability. From every angle. Ceaselessly.

The love and delight on a successfully birthday-surprised friend’s face.

Thor and Platypup crashed out napping on the floor, Thor on his back, Platypup propped up against his chest.

Owlet’s devilish homemade-chocolate-ice-cream-covered face asking to go to bed early please.

Platypup making the clearest “loo” hand sign I’ve seen him do yet, trotting off to the loo, and making the gesture again while peeing and saying “tsss.”

Granny and Platypup laughing while dancing to bluegrass fiddling.

Feeding clover to eager rabbits at dusk.

Milk-drunk sleepy baby kisses.


I would like to end each day of unphotographed moments with a photo that must be taken from wherever I am when I finish writing the day’s post in a single attempt. Here’s what I see right now:



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23 thoughts on “Unphotographed Moments – Day One

  1. Such lovely moments. It’s so good to be present in them. I already love this month’s theme.

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  5. Crystal on said:

    This is such a great theme! I know I have said it before, but your gift with is mesmerizing.

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